Coders Cell is a training division initiated by Webmekanics for developers in Pakistan. We’re passionate about encouraging creativity and innovation. Enroll into our 4 modules training course that will give you the confidence to be part of the industry today.


We purposely keep our class sizes small, for we have found that students are more eager to interact in class and consequently leave with a more fulfilling experience.

  • Course fee (2months): Rs. 15,000
  • 20% discount for first 15 students
  • If paid full fee in advance will get 10% discount
  • Laptop is mandatory
  • A comprehensive test at the end of course
  • Successful candidates will be awarded with a certificate
  • Top scorer will get paid internship at Webmekanics for a month
  • Total 48 hours for a 2 months course.
  • 1 hr professional ethics, grooming, resume writing on the end of the training day.
  • 70% of the course time will be spent on practical work

HTML5 & CSS3 (Responsive)+


Course Outline:

  • Introduction to HTML 5.
  • Introduction to CSS3.
  • Introduction to Responsive Web Design.
  • Knowing When to Employ Responsive Web Design.
  • Grid-Systems.
  • Twitter Bootstrap.
  • Responsive Debugging.
  • Transforming a Non-Responsive Website to a Responsive Website.

At the end you will be able to build static responsive website

CMS (Content Management System)+


Course Outline:

  • Introduction to wordpress.
  • Basics of Wordpress user interface.
  • Finding and using wordpress plugins.
  • Working with wordpress themes.
  • Wordpress CMS.
  • Creating and Managing content.
  • Wordpress SEO).
  • Wordpress Security.
  • Installing Joomla .
  • Joomla Basic.
  • Joomla Admin Interface.
  • Joomla Article and Pages.
  • Joomla Components ,Modules, Plugins.
  • Joomla positions and layouts.
  • Using Filezilla for FTP

At the end you will be able to build a dynamic database driven CMS responsive website.



Course Outline:

  • PHP Overview.
  • Installation.
  • Exploring Data Types.
  • Arrays.
  • Control Structures (Logical Expressions).
  • Control Structures (Loops).
  • User-Defined Functions.
  • Php Debugging.
  • Building Web Pages with PHP.
  • BWorking with Forms, Form Data and Validation.
  • Working with Cookies and Sessions.
  • MySQL (Select, Insert, Update, Delete).
  • Using PHP to Access MySQL.

After the completion you will be able to develop project using Php framework.

PHP Advance (OOP,MVC)+


Course Outline:

  • Object-Oriented PHP.
  • Ajax with PHP.
  • PHP and Security.
  • PHP Best Practices.
  • Introduction to PHP MVC.
  • Installation Of Code Igniter.
  • Code Igniter Controllers.
  • Code Igniter Models.
  • Code Igniter Views.
  • After the completion you will be able to develop project using Php framework.